Easily open new markets in the GCC with award-winning Shipa Delivery. You do the selling and let
the GCC’s ‘Last-mile Delivery Provider of the Year’ handle the rest.

We’ll Take Care of the First, Middle, and Last Mile

Shipa Delivery now offers merchants in the UK easy access to markets in the GCC by taking care of all the B2C logistics.

We’ll collect the merchandise from your warehouse, ship it to the GCC, clear it through customs, and deliver it to your customer’s door.

Shipa Delivery does the hard work by integrating with your eCommerce platform and preparing the paperwork for easy customs clearance and delivery to your customers.

Our pricing is unbeatable as we use our global shipping network to offer you the lowest rates possible.

Why the Gulf region?

Total ecommerce in the UAE reached just over USD 5 bn in 2021 and is projected to balloon to USD 8 bn by 2025, according to a new report.

With such strong growth predicted and with demand for ecommerce – from customers and suppliers alike – outstripping the current supply, the GCC is a lucrative region to tap into.

Furthermore, the Gulf stands out as a beacon of economic stability in a world that is being roiled by conflicts and fiscal slowdowns.

The potential for expansion by UK merchants into the lucrative GCC market is limitless.

Smooth Integration with Shipa’s Dashboard

Connecting with Shipa Delivery digitally is effortless. Merchants in the UK will have direct access to our business dashboard or via integration through an API.

When it comes to the GCC, we are the experts

With our strong presence in the region and deep understanding of the cross-border trading environment, our experienced teams are well-placed to facilitate a quick reach to your GCC customers.

We are proud to have been named the GCC’s ‘Last Mile Delivery Provider of the Year’ at the ‘Landmarks in Logistics’ Awards 2022.


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