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Leverage the power of Shipa Delivery logistics. Send us your information in the specified format and we will handle the logistics from there. Shipa Delivery will collect your order at your convenience and deliver it to your customer’s doorstep. We give you and your customers full visibility throughout the process. We also do pick-ups of returns, leaving you free to focus on merchandise quality and growing your core business.

Features of Shipa Delivery’s Services

We provide analytics & reports

Our software correlates orders, shipment logistics, and delivery data to provide you with real-time analytics and regular automated reports.

We enable COD – and more

Shipa Delivery offers COD delivery, delivery with a payment link on your client’s mobile, credit card on delivery, and prepaid deliveries.

We enable real-time tracking

Shipa Delivery provides real-time tracking for all your shipments, whether the destination is domestic or across international borders.

We enhance customer experience

Our logistics solutions will impress your customers: speed of delivery, communication via SMS and WhatsApp, and real-time tracking.

We ship domestically or across borders

Shipa Delivery gives you awesome delivery power, whether you are shipping domestically or across the borders between UAE, KSA, and Kuwait.

The perks of partnering with Shipa Delivery

All you need to streamline your shipping process is available under one roof when you partner with us. We offer the following perks:
Pay per Delivery
We don’t set monthly minimum charges nor minimum order limits. The total billable amount is the sum of the charges for each delivery.
Better Shipping Rates
Shipa Delivery’s cost per weight ratio system means you pay only for the mass of your package. This can significantly cut shipping costs.
Simplified Shipping Process
Our experts will calculate for you the best choice of courier for the speediest, safest, and most economical delivery of your shipments.
Expert Account managers
As part of our personalised logistics service, we provide you with a dedicated account manager to guide you through the shipping processes.

Who can Partner with Shipa Delivery?

Any Online Ecommerce Business

You need to have a license (check the requirements with our sales team)

Sellers of Any Size

Whether you are a new entrepreneur trying out an online brand or store, or an established brand with several products and hundreds of daily orders, Shipa Delivery works for you. We specialize in services for:
- Social Sellers
- Startups
- Enterprise
- Wholesalers

Sellers of Products with Unique Shipping Needs

We're sensitive to your varied logistics needs. We safely and speedily handle perishables as well as fragile and sensitive goods such as the following:.
- Apparel
- Fashion Accessories
- Mobiles & Computers
- Beauty & Health
- Retail
- Pharma & Health Care

Sellers looking for Special Shipping Options

We offer all kinds of delivery options to suit your needs, including the following:
- On-demand delivery
- Same Day Delivery
- Next Day Delivery
- Cross-border Delivery (UAE, KSA, and Kuwait)

We also Offer the Following Value-added Features

- High-Value Order Handling
- Delicate Product Handling

Platforms you can Integrate With

Integrate with the following popular ecommerce platforms and custom stores via our website:

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